Monthly Archives: May 2011

Not You, Tooooooo

So far I’ve successfully avoided all of the breedables. All of them. I have Dylan, my faithful, sterile bulldog, still holding down the front porch. Hanging out with a friend the other night I saw the Meeroos in person.¬†They ask to be snuggled. I can’t resist anything that asks to be snuggled.

Not You Toooooo

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I’m da Princess

The day started as usual. Me working really hard and not petting Meeroos — I never go in for fads — while El stood around showing off stuff she gets for free and whining because Ely never lets her buy shoes.

Being the awesomely always sweet awesome friend I am to Ely’s annoying sis I invited the little princess to stay for lunch.


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I’ve done another guest post for Elle’s World, this one showing off the new mix and match set from Knickknack.


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… the most wonderful time …


I’m a sucker for skin fairs, trying every demo I can stuff into inventory.

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Soccer Mom Safari

VV blog 1

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Lazy Days

Lazy blog 1

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More Moonlighting

vest week baker style

Elle Couerblanc, a long-time blogger whose style I admire, was kind enough to let me guest post on her blog [hugs Elle!], giving me a chance to show off my baker style.

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