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Consider this the dream sequence. The lame season finale when the writers, clearly out of steam, make the lead wake up to discover nothing from the previous weeks really happened.

In my dream I got the dress — then I woke to realize it was only the blogluv fairies who dropped a review copy on me.

*And the bride, inappropriately, chose a white strapless and waited at the altar …*

Credits: Gracie’s Bridal enchanted, redQueen gluttony skin, Truth Ann hair, Stiletto Moody bitch booties, Candy Nail long prim color change, Negko Designs tattoo, Sinfull horns and Glitterati poses; Pre Fabulous Foundry.



Finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting and pacing and wishing and hoping, I get to wear the dress.


No, I don’t appear to have one of those dresses in my future. I’m talking about the dress Ely has been taunting me with for weeks. With the wrap top I won’t bother changing out of until her next release.


OK, maybe I’ll swap colors.


I was able to offer valuable input on this release, too.

Ely: Too much cleavage?

Me: Have we met?


I ❤ Ely

Credits: (all) Elymode wrapped denim shirt, Belleza Jesse skin, Poetic cat eyes; (1) Elymode Soft Denim Skirt, Cake Dakota hair, LeeZu BohemeMia earrings; (2) Elymode Tuxedo Pants, 69 Jadore hair, Maitreya Verve pumps; (3) Elymode Lounging panties, Truth Isle hair; (4) Cake Dakota hair.

Cow, Bought

Yeah, I’m doing a lot of this today.


I got the expected level of excitement from my friends.

Me: OMG OMG OMG *happy dance* I’m engaged!

My friends: Um, OK.

It’s not that they don’t care. It’s that they’ve been around for almost three years of the roller coaster that is SLove, and have been riding their own. I have it easy. My friends just laugh to themselves assuming this one will turn out like the rest. His friends? Let’s just say that if we ever have a wedding, they’re gonna pelt me with rad-shot instead of rice.

Despite the disapproving glares and “what the hell are you thinking” messages we’re trying to make a go of it. And now my life is a series of new adventures. We’re building a little place in a neighborhood filled with poison traps and electric fences. I accidentally landed on one of those fences, just trying to get home to plant some dead trees. There I am dazed in a pool of blood in the middle of the street. Lucky for me a stray Lycan found me and carted my lifeless body around to find someone who could revive me. That someone was a lovely, prim enhanced fairy who took me to her clinic.


My crush-turned-partner has been working overtime to make every step of this journey exceed my dreams. And how can I not love a man who didn’t get mad when I accidently sent him off to mediate with faction elders still wearing a “Snuggly Demon” tag over his head.


Credits: (1) Belleza Jesse skin, Poetic autumn eyes, Truth Lucinda hair, Zaara Vyomini bracelet, Linc tankdress, Maitreya Shanti shoes, oh, and my engagement ring *grins*; (2-3) Exodi Sienna skin, top from Linc tankdress, Zaara chinos, Lamb teased up hair, Shiny Things tied clogs, EarthStones Gimme Those Wood Bangles, and grocery bag by me.

Check out the fence and other CCS role play enhancers by Krynch Picnic here.

You Lycans Stay Outta My Yard!!!

Thinking of how to start a life with my crush on a role play sim is a bit overwhelming. His home, his friends, his history. I have to jump in or move the hell on.

In an effort to show him how enticing our life could be, I gave him a ‘lil taste of our possible future.


Will all of my dreams come true? *shrugs* I guess time will tell.


Editor’s note: While Lycans are now my sworn enemies, under different circumstances I totally would let you play in my yard ~ *rawr*

Credits: Exodi Manhattan Halloween hunt skin, Sway bathrobe set, Tiny Bird curlers, EarthStones Mara hoops, OMD pink cotton socks, Gentleman blunt, Material Squirrel horns.