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Party of One


Stood up, as usual, I decided to celebrate by myself by playing around in the beta clothing from elymode, Ely’s upcoming line. I feel bad showing these pics because my skills are subpar and her details are incredible. 


Cheers to another weekend alone. 

Credits: Top photo is the tied-V shirt and simple knee-length skirt, beta, by elymode. Skin by Curio, hair by Dernier Cri, bra by Intimizzio, textures by Distressed, poses by LAP, and props by me. 


How Low Can You Go


Sometimes I feel I spend too much of my SLife in limbo. Waiting for inspiration on the next build. Watching my sim rental counts to see whether I should continue on or try something new. Boxing up prefabs I never seem to set out for sale. Wondering whether my latest-next-ex will show up this week.

I’m always fixin’ to do something.

I think purgatory is totally underrated. I have the comfort of knowing I could build something great, if I wanted. I can change my sims around, later. I’ll find a great guy, when I’m ready. 

I decided last night that I need a plan, some direction for the business side of my SL experience. Sure I’d like to get serious about my stores, but with so much great content out there already I suffer from a ‘lil bout of insecurity and why bother. I bounce between “SL should be fun” and “crap, tier is due, I better make something.” 

My plan? Sort through my sales inventory for keepers and fixers, then put a main store on my sim. Of course, I’m waiting until I hear back from exSLhubs to see if he’s keeping that land …

Credits: Cake Paper Cut hair, Curio June skin, Poetic eyes, Skin Flicks Jane Ruffel shirt, DeLa ruffle skirt, Maitreya Frenzy Banana shoes, Eclectica tortoise shell bracelet, LAP pose and Distressed textures. 

Into the Woods


I enjoy the occasional role play and have been known to visit sims that’ll get me kicked from the JuniorSLeague. What always surprises me is the number of people who drop by a clearly marked role play sim and expect not to role play. It’s like a sea of newbs who have lost their luggage, all wandering aimlessly around baggage claim hoping someone will instruct them. I can be a helpful girl and don’t mind offering guidance … but there are limits.

Case in point, I was casually chatting with an SL stripper at *SIM name withheld to protect my reputation*. I was bored, and assumed perhaps he could hold a decent conversation; I mean come on, he emotes taking off pixel clothing for a living. Then, without warning …

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: *hops on blue ball and begins humping air furiously while fully clothed*    mmmm do you like that?

Me: Huh?

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: I shove my huge *bleep* deep inside of you.

Me: Whoa, maybe we should work up to that? 

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: Oh. Take off your clothes.

Me: Perhaps you would have better luck if you participated in the removal of my clothes? 

MaleStripper WhoGotNoGame: Oh.    

*insert crickets chirping*

Me, after five minutes of watching him continue to hump air: *TPs the hell out — OK I lie, I logged out, fled like the girl I am*

I won’t claim to be an expert role player, but if I visit a role play sim, I will read the rules, dress appropriately and start mapping out a quick character in my head so I can be prepared. I missed the part in the rules that says all role play must evolve around humping. Maybe I need to find a good foreplay sim. 

Is there anyone out there who plays for the fun of developing a character, engaging with others in creative storytelling? 

Character – Feles, a wise-cracking flirt who never puts out. Self-centered ‘lil princess, sorta bossy and usually gets her way. Looking for prince charming, call me 😉  

RP Limits – Five minutes of boring conversation and I TP out. Fake partnerships dissolved after one week with no role play. 

PS, there are resources to help you with role playing. Like Salvatore’s blog.

Credits: LAP LymeAware pose, Curio June Pure skin, Poetic eyes, Lamb hair (I’m addicted), Nella’s Red Riding Hood with Cloak costume (heavily modded for the pic), and Second Expressions emoter hud. 

What have they got that I ain’t got?


When last we met, I was opining about control and personal accountability. I find myself continually balancing my desire to go find what I want vs. my preference for hiding out alone on my build site merely talking about what I would have in a perfect world. And what is it I want? A guy who cares about his appearance because, let’s face it, they ALL care about ours. A guy who is interesting and funny and makes me laugh. Oh yeah, and a guy who isn’t an alt. 

Where might I find one of these elusive creatures? Shopping! Shopping is always the answer. I parked myself at a popular, primarily-for-men store for shapes and stuff, and waited patiently to meet Mr. Right.

How did that work out for you, Feles, you ask? 

this is what hits on me

Not so well, friends.

I gave up and went off to pick up pieces for an evening of flaunting what the good slider gods gave me.


Dressed and ready for fun, I hit search for new places to go. Girls, where do you go to meet men? Seriously. I have a knack for finding alts. I searched my favorite music, checked the map first to see if the place looked crowded enough for fun but not enough to cause ruth/ghost status. 

Well, I found a lot of interesting sounding places with no traffic. I found places that pushed the bling limits. Nowhere did I find a single, attractive male who didn’t make me wanna holler, “Freebird!”


Top – Gala Doe skin, Lamb babys on fire hair; poetic eyes; Armidi Limited men’s T and crew; League garage jeans; Tomboy sneaks. LAP Way Cute pose.

Bottom – Truth Isabella hair, top from GothiCatz Melody, glitch pants as tights from Ely (not yet released), and Abyss catalyst boots, EarthStones Mara hoops and Jharna bracelet. LAP Shhh pose. 

~ Control Me~


I’ve been told that I dress too provocatively. Really now? Being the smart alec, sort of passive aggressive, hates-to-be-told-what-to-do girl that I am, I set out to create a look that would make my friend less concerned that I spend my evenings alone catting around. 


Why, in our little fantasy world, do we let people dictate how we’ll act, what we’ll wear? Where we’ll spend our time? Why do we sit around waiting for Mr. Wonderful, when chances are he will be an alt who never has time for us and will stop logging in when the girlfriend of his main account comes back from vacation?

Why do we so readily hand off control of our happiness to others? 

I guess we think by doing so something will be different this time, better next time, what we really want eventually … Or, perhaps, we do it because, when we claim control for our actions, we also have to accept the blame for the results. 


Top – Gala June Doe skin; poetic eyes; Sey retro 2 piece; Lamb Babys on Fire hair.

Bottom – Gritty Kitty Penny hair; Nala Samantha glasses; Moderno thermal; Dutch Touch woolen cardigan; CS & LaLa Chill crops;  SF Designs frilled socks w/o the frill; Tomboy sneaks.

Heart of Glass

I’m belated in updates, so let me catch you up.

In the continuing saga of trying to figure out why I was banned from Blues Dive that Starts with a T, well, let’s just say I stopped short of passing the guy a Costco jug of Midol … just. RL has been frustrating and I wasn’t in the mood for a frustrating SL experience. Favorite blues joint, I fold. Next.

People talk about how quickly things move in SL. But for me, it always seems to be the same dance, different tune. People are disappointing. Someone is into you until they aren’t. People say things they don’t mean. Lately I’ve been wondering why I let myself land in the pleasant distraction category. And why I care.

And then a friend passes me a tip on a great office desk and I immediately have to check it out (where in the hell did you send me, Kalli??) . Or another friend opens up about the troubles she’s been having and I want to help her laugh. Or another friend sends gentle reminders of her birthday and I have the sudden urge to find a gift that tops the burning effigy to her ex. These are the moments that keep me coming back, the friends I care about.  Thank you for being my distraction.