Monthly Archives: May 2010

Wear Me

I try to look cute, so someone will want me on his arm, of course.

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It’s Not About You

Eeeps, someone misread a blog and thought I was mocking him (I wasn’t.)

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Kittehs Do Have More Fun

What is it about a tail that brings out the eager pups?

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Double Shot

Stormy night for me equals catching on up my blog love.

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I have to admit, pixel lovin isn’t my thing. Sure, a good RPer can capture my attention. But really, if I have to pick between unsynced animated humping and shopping, I’ll be off moaning over fatpacks.

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I Missed Monday

Monday was full of fail — pictures causing crashes, an inability to make someone realize I’m always right. So my Monday blog became a Tuesday offering. It’s Tuesday, right?

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It was recently suggested to me that my logic is flawed. This coming from someone who brushes off “girl logic” as something of an oxymoron.

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Bagged and Tagged

Being relatively newly unmated in the role play sim brings a wealth of flirting opportunities. Primarily in IM from men who aren’t openly available.

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Can’t Take Me Anywhere

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