Monthly Archives: December 2009

Gift of Snug

Tis the season for comfy sweaters, hot drinks and frayed nerves. Funny how a tiny snag can unravel the fabric of what we hold dear.

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Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Feles lets her shopping bags drop to the floor with sigh, well, more of a self-satisfied coo, her natural response to a fruitful afternoon; she then snatches up her new Coach clutch and spins on her leopard heels to again raid the mall.

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merry kitmas

Still semi-grounded, now I find myself adopting kitteh form to hide from a roving band of demon hunters. Nothing but shopping, decorating, and the occasional capture and torture for me.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

I’m a total geek girl and decorate my SL home for the holidays. And despite promises to the contrary, I have been spied running around with random non-denominational holiday-like objects hanging from my mouth. Pics or it never happened? Maybe next blog.

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Something Old Something New

My hints don’t work out so well. So I’m busying myself playing dress-up, still sticking close to home for the time being. Finding things I’ve always loved, new loves — mostly new loves — and things that still fit.

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For reasons I won’t explain yet I’m sorta grounded. Not as in all calm and centered, more like restricted to quarters. My new RP sim life isn’t as safe as it was at first (blah blah harvesting body parts blah blah factional wars blah blah), so I spend more time sorting inventory than inspiring sin.

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