Monthly Archives: April 2010

What I Really Want

The full moon brought out hoards of Lycan, which those of you who follow this blog will know excites me to the core. I heart them.

I can’t help it. I go all loose-knee-swoony for the furry evil buggers.

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Bits and Pieces

If often joke about my role play character, my lil goat-bat-demoness thing, assuming parts of a whole but never feeling complete to me. Mashups are so much more effective in daily fashion than in an RP look.

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What Is Your Fantasy?

I’m a sucker for anything RFL, so I had to make a stop at Fantasy Faire. Being late to the game, I decided to inject my own fantasy elements.

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I was talking with a friend today about role play cycles. Being totally into one character, then deciding another would be much more fun. The struggle to become a part of one group, only to find yourself looking across the street after investing so much effort.

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I had the privilege of winning a bet against Overfiend, OOC. Which meant no sharing of pics of my prize in character.

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Someone asked me why I choose the look I do. I don’t have a good answer, particularly because my look is vastly different from day to day. I buy what I like, and when I like something else, I buy that too.

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Blind Date

I thought it would be fun to sign up for a silly role play event, a takeoff on the Blind Date game.

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Easter Demoness

If you are easily offended by slight irreverence toward religion, flee.

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