I’m da Princess

The day started as usual. Me working really hard and not petting Meeroos — I never go in for fads — while El stood around showing off stuff she gets for free and whining because Ely never lets her buy shoes.

Being the awesomely always sweet awesome friend I am to Ely’s annoying sis I invited the little princess to stay for lunch.


I didn’t say one word when she changed into the same outfit I was wearing, at least she had the good sense to know she can’t pull off red like I can. Oh but then she had the nerve to tell me if my butt wasn’t so big then more hair designers would send me new release fatpacks the way they do her and Ely.

Excuse me?  I don’t wear hair on my ass! Or at least I haven’t since the days of that unfortunate teleport glitch.

Being the more mature of us two, I managed to keep my cool long enough to calmly ‘splain to El that I was perfectly content to shop for my own hair.


Kouse’s Sanctum Beloved gowns; Exile Asa and Opal hair; LacieCakes tiaras; Mood Parade Pearls jewelry. Feles is wearing Belleza Aiko medium with Elymode basic red eyeshadow. El is wearing Curio. Set includes The Loft Aphrodite table (spring VIP group gift), Kidd grass/flowers and Heart Garden Center tree.  


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