Monthly Archives: September 2009

Kickin’ It

Boys are dumb*

See, they have great opportunities and blow them. They say things they don’t mean. Or they don’t know when to STFU. Here is what Ely and I have to say to all that nonsense …


You know who you are. And we hope in your next life you come back as girls. Ugly girls. With hot mothers. And an inability to orgasm.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to dress up all cute and mock dumb boys openly. And pretend we aren’t interested when you IM us for a date.


*Important editor’s note: All boys are dumb, except for Truth. Because he makes hair we love. Truth, not dumb. Oh, and if you are planning to ask me out, you might not be dumb. Call me ūüėČ

Credits: On Ely –¬†*elymode* lounging zipped sweater – sage,¬†*elymode* lounging cami – pink, Decoy Inferno 88 Jeans – Charcoal,¬†Tuli Hope ¬†tan/bl avenue,¬†Burroughs iMix3 – Shanti Necklace,¬†Maitreya Gold – Shanti Green,¬†TRUTH [not dumb] Gabby – night,¬†poetic color eyes – poison ivy. On Feles – Rockberry Uma DDOS hunt skin, tan, *elymode* tied-V long sleeve black, poetic dry soil summer eyes, Miel pocket pants, Bax prestige boots, Nala square glasses, Truth Alyssa hair black.


Oh Hell No

ohhellno2Yes, I decided to test the new shape. No IMs, except from an old friend. Every few months, this Gorean master gets a little too cocktailed and proposes to me. Usually as one of his alts. It goes something like this …

drunkMasterAlt: I’m sending you SL partner demand. xoxo

Me: You are already partnered. SL hasn’t added a poly option yet.

drunkMasterAlt: like it or not I’ll be after you, though I’m not on too often cause I work too much.

Wait, wait, there’s more.

drunkMasterAlt: Can I have 25L?

Me: Why?

drunkMasterAlt: It cost 25L to partner you.

I asked him why he didn’t comment on my shape. His reply? “I don’t mind if no one sees us.” And you wonder why I’m single.

… won’t you take me home tonight …

After a weekend purge, my inventory still felt overloaded. Projects half completed, even some completed that I’ve never bothered to sell. Textures I don’t remember buying. Let’s not even talk about the clothes. Like so many exes, I saw item after item that once had meaning to me.

The cure for SLennui? Makeovers, duh! I decided to give the big-girl challenge a go.


What better for a larger size av than *snickers* Maitreya BF jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but like another neighboring store, the styles aren’t traditionally big-girl friendly.

On the other hand, I found Zaara’s Hansika gown very easy to adjust.


I actually like the shape. I’ve sworn off man hunts for a short time, but I might have to test this look. Just to see the difference.



Pic 1, Blowpop skin, hooded henley (and hair/hood) with Armidi long-sleeved crew under, Maitreya bf jeans, Tomboy sneaks.

Pic 2, Obscene skin, ETD hair, Zaara gown, p.c. necklace and earrings, EarthStones bracelet, and gloves from a Baiastice gown.

Dove Poop Hunt poses for both.