Monthly Archives: June 2011

Dress Me Up

I had a chance to wear something more formal and realized it’s been a while since I’ve gone anywhere all dressed up.
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It seems my previous post could have been clearer, so I’ll break it down.
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Just an Accessory

Sorting through my jewelry making room for my spoils from Accessory Fair 2011 left me thinking about how  I use accessories. Something pretty that catches my eye, something I wear maybe once. And then never think of again.

an accessory 1

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Accessory Fair 2011 – First Look

My quick break for RL ended just in time for another worthy Relay for Life event, GLANCE International Agency Accessory Fair 2011. The fair officially opens on Saturday, and you can read more about this worthwhile event through the links below.


Here is a quick preview, provided by Kunglers Extra, the Amanra set.

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Sticky Buns

I was reminded recently of the fun I had in Cola, particularly taunting with strappy red heels and pushing sticky buns. I was challenged to blog it. Totally NSFW so look inside for the result.

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