Just an Accessory

Sorting through my jewelry making room for my spoils from Accessory Fair 2011 left me thinking about how  I use accessories. Something pretty that catches my eye, something I wear maybe once. And then never think of again.

an accessory 1

Sure sure, I have one or two more memorable pieces I keep handy. But the minute I find something better even the favorites are forgotten until I accidentally stumble on the name in my extensive list of stuff.

an accessory 3

Some guys ask me why I avoid their advances.  *points up*

I’m not interested in being an accessory.

an accessory 2

Pic 1 – Jewelry by Jake The Tresor blue and yellow gems set with Haven Designs Suri top in black (huge closing sale, go!).
Pic 2 – Ruchica Kiel blue necklace; Sin & Virtue Egyptian bracelets, rings and nails; Hatpins Egyptian earrings; with Sn@tch teal Pleasure Wrapped top.
Pic 3 – AlaFolie LaTopasienne  Boheme bleu jewelry with Elymode Scooped Corset Take 2 in blue, Amper Monarch lashes and Candy Nail long prim color-change nails dark.
In all pics unless listed above – LAQ Linnea skin, Poetic classic frozen silver eyes, Chaisuki lashes20, booN YNO421 chocolate hair with Amacci ebony hairbase. Exposeur  poses


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