Monthly Archives: July 2010

Looking Forward

Some people fix the future by rewriting the past. Me? Hit erase, please.

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I’m an easy mark.

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I can, at times, be a bit of a princess *gasp*.

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So Random – NqSFW

Some boys are creative, I’ll say that.

International Fashion Week – Part 2

Back with more previews of items available at GIA International Fashion Week, July 15-18, supporting Relay for Life in SL 2010.

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International Fashion Week – Part 1

Taking a break from my usual format to bring you items from International Fashion Week, set for July 15-18, supporting Rely for Life in SL 2010.

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Quiz Show

You think someone knows you.

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So Limiting

As I have with my views on alts, I’ve also softened my position on RP limits.

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This Lil’ Kitteh Went Shopping

Rainy holiday weekends = shopping binges. I hit The Dressing Room …

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Holiday Quickie

Feles’ player is stuck inside because it’s storming on the Fourth weekend. What to do? Show a little love for the designers that make my heart go boom. Here is a new number from Haven with Nomine’s 4th Mosaic skin.

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