Monthly Archives: July 2011


Having long ago cracked the code, I decided it was time to see if the lil demoness could blend in amongst the angels.


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Bite Me

It’s the continuing quest to find a new look for Demoness Feles. Ely forced me *cough* to buy this skin and while I can do a ton with it I decided to go for a role I never play.


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What Next

Demoness Feles needs a new look, maybe something really different. That’s half the fun, trying on something new.


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Mama Needs a New Pair of ‘Roos

I swore I’d never get into Meeroos.


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The lil demoness has been busy, too busy for blog pics, so you get a look of the day courtesy of the new Nomine skins (with fiftybazillion options — PS try the lip tints on other skins, too) and Elymode.


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Hair Fair LOTD 1

Hair Fair LOD 1

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Happy Little Trees

With my cat man away there is only so much Meeroo petting and nest watching a girl can do before boredom sets in. Shopping didn’t quite satisfy …

happy little trees 1

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