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I had the start of an interesting conversation, about plausibility in free-form role play. In question? The likelihood of a bullet setting off an alcohol-soaked floor in a fiery blaze.


My answer? Who cares. When one of the parties is a demonvampirelycan and the other has wings sprouting out of his back, well, willing suspension of disbelief has to come into play.

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Speed, Distance & Accuracy


So a wolf and a faeling were jerking off by the old porn theater …

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5, 6, 70

Later this month I celebrate my sixth rez day. And just in time I hit CCS level 70. Once upon a time level 70 meant god-like, one-shot-kill terror for those role playing in the City of Lost Angels.


These days? Not so much.

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Sting Like a Bee

I’ve been trying to define fierce for my wolf character. Nothing about her says lycan rage, nor should it considering she spent most of her existence as a demoness who believed she had to con others into seeing her as likeable so she could inspire her chosen sin.


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Lost With No Tiara


Only recently having joined the Pack in CoLA, Feles already has a lil problem. Thanks to a curse she’s lost her wolf. Oh sure, she blames Sam at first, incorrectly believing her wolf ran off to be Sam’s wolf in a turning gone wrong.

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jailbait 1

The lil vampire has been busy lately with a faction war. War means everyone’s attention is diverted. Even her cat man. But she’s ever selfless and patient, as only a former demoness of greed can be.

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There’s a brewing trend in the RP sim: girls using a belly dance animation in place of the typing anim. For no good reason it’s annoying the crap outta me, to the point I want to send vampire Feles on a killing spree.

Since violence isn’t the answer — well, actually, it usually is, anyway — I came up with a new plan. Random fapping.

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A calculated flick of the tail. A sinuous stretch.

Here Kitteh blog 2

Where the demoness form symbolizes power, at least for my role play chars, the feral forms always scream raw sensuality.

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And To All A Good Night


Despite wandering the city in the most revealing of her selected holiday attire, Feles never did find Santa.

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Visions of Sugar Plums

If the season truly is about candy and slutwear, Feles achieved holiday nirvana.


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