Monthly Archives: December 2011

And To All A Good Night


Despite wandering the city in the most revealing of her selected holiday attire, Feles never did find Santa.

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Visions of Sugar Plums

If the season truly is about candy and slutwear, Feles achieved holiday nirvana.


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Every Time a Bell Rings a Kitten Dies

FelesĀ is known for getting things wrong. Like believing angels live on buttsecks and cotton candy. And that marriages aren’t real until they’ve been sanctioned by a fat Elvis impersonator.


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Reason for the Season

It’s no secret Feles is having a difficult transition to vampire. Feeding on blood instead of energy is a challenge when every being in the city has speshul blood.

*insert eye roll*


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‘Tis the Season

Having planned out slutty santa’s helper outfits through Twelfth Night, the former demoness hits the city. Only to spend an evening talking about fishing.

Well, poles.


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