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jailbait 1

The lil vampire has been busy lately with a faction war. War means everyone’s attention is diverted. Even her cat man. But she’s ever selfless and patient, as only a former demoness of greed can be.

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Color of Sin

dark raspberry

Double-teaming time with dark raspberry for 52 Weeks of Color, found at Festival of Sin. Credits inside.

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Beat Down

FOS bat

Oh she’s getting *her* boots back. Just wait. ❤

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Glutton for …

In the interest of equal time I’ll admit that while boys are dumb, trust me, I have proof, we girls are not 100 percent perfect all of the time. The boys I’ve known in SL might, just might characterize me as difficult to handle.

FOS cupcake

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Complete Garbage

It’s time for my outside the norm blog, a challenge issued by Adorkable. Rather than go for a different look — I’ve been everything here from soccer mom kitteh, to beach bunny gargoyle, to a kid, to a dude — I’ll let my post be different.

I call it Boys Are Not Dumb.

FOS happy

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Adorkable plurked a mini-challenge for bloggers, to blog something we never do, something outside the norm.

FOS solange 1

Clearly this isn’t my entry.

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A little red, a little pink, a lot vibrant. This week’s look for 52 Weeks of Color.


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Color Challenge Quickie

color challenge - alice blue

Alice Blue

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Challenge Challenged

I planned to participate in GoGo’s lingerie challenge and Luna’s love challenge. Twelve days of posing in nothing but lace, a little gushing over those nearest and dearest, how could I resist. I love lingerie, so it’s sorta a two-fer.


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Lost in Translation


Admit it. Sometimes what the boys say and what we girls hear falls out of sync. Just maybe we assign meaning where there isn’t. Let me share an example from *coughs* no one in particular.

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