Monthly Archives: August 2012

Here Puppy Puppy

Nomine Hung

The changes continue for Feles in CoLA. She’s joined the Pack, found her wolf with the help of bite mom Phe, became a bite mama herself and even turned her Friendly Cat Man into a very rawr lycan.

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Switch It Up

So I mentioned switching things up. Though not a permanant new direction, I couldn’t resist manning up for the latest Nomine male skin.

Thanks to my Friendly Cat Man lending a shape I was able to do just that.

Only he forgot he did and wondered what dude was at his house in underwear >.>

Nomine Nephilim

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Odds and Ends

Summer break is ending and I’m feeling inspired to switch things up. While I sort out the direction I want to take the blog I’ll share some random things I love.

Belleza Betty

PS, the Elymode Jennifer skirt has been releasedĀ in many amazing colors. This black one, and evenĀ more colors, are coming out soon.

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