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Here Puppy Puppy

Nomine Hung

The changes continue for Feles in CoLA. She’s joined the Pack, found her wolf with the help of bite mom Phe, became a bite mama herself and even turned her Friendly Cat Man into a very rawr lycan.

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Cause to Shop

Now through March 20 you can shop to support the American Cancer Society at Fashion for Life (formerly Clothing Fair).


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I’m da Princess

The day started as usual. Me working really hard and not petting Meeroos — I never go in for fads — while El stood around showing off stuff she gets for free and whining because Ely never lets her buy shoes.

Being the awesomely always sweet awesome friend I am to Ely’s annoying sis I invited the little princess to stay for lunch.


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I’ve Been Cheating on You

I took a short break to set up for another project, the SLuicide Girls. I’m flattered to have been asked to join this amazing, and hawt, group of bloggers and of course could not say no.

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Lately I’ve been hiding in RP, I can’t remember the last time I looked human. I haven’t been in a flirty mood for ages and figured demoness form would scream don’t touch me.

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Looking Forward

Some people fix the future by rewriting the past. Me? Hit erase, please.

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I can, at times, be a bit of a princess *gasp*.

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So Limiting

As I have with my views on alts, I’ve also softened my position on RP limits.

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A Little Romance

I had to laugh, listening to a RP group chat, with players lamenting the lack of *ahem* non-consensual escapades. The discussion was wistful and, in context, more appropriate than it might appear.

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Can’t Take Me Anywhere

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