Not You, Tooooooo

So far I’ve successfully avoided all of the breedables. All of them. I have Dylan, my faithful, sterile bulldog, still holding down the front porch. Hanging out with a friend the other night I saw the Meeroos in person. They ask to be snuggled. I can’t resist anything that asks to be snuggled.

Not You Toooooo

My plan was to get just one. But then I thought one would be lonely when I’m off um … baking. My nest had two boys. And, well, what if they weren’t into a bromance? So I got a girl for them. She is assertive and picked her favorite, leaving one lonely boy curled up alone to the side. You can see why I had to get one more girl. But it stops here.

Until breeding season.

Credits: Tia Turnups Cords; Panda Express Tribal Princess top; Anexx Fringe Moroccan Sandal; Mandala Takara bangle; Ploom Maia honey skin; Truth RiRi hair; XOXO Ania pose.


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