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Speed, Distance & Accuracy


So a wolf and a faeling were jerking off by the old porn theater …

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Scooping Up the Field Mice

My wolf character’s makeover has been slow. If I follow the trends, she’d have to morph into some lycan version of a derp-faced pony-riding murderous little bunny foo foo. I just can’t.


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Sting Like a Bee

I’ve been trying to define fierce for my wolf character. Nothing about her says lycan rage, nor should it considering she spent most of her existence as a demoness who believed she had to con others into seeing her as likeable so she could inspire her chosen sin.


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Here Puppy Puppy

Nomine Hung

The changes continue for Feles in CoLA. She’s joined the Pack, found her wolf with the help of bite mom Phe, became a bite mama herself and even turned her Friendly Cat Man into a very rawr lycan.

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Switch It Up

So I mentioned switching things up. Though not a permanant new direction, I couldn’t resist manning up for the latest Nomine male skin.

Thanks to my Friendly Cat Man lending a shape I was able to do just that.

Only he forgot he did and wondered what dude was at his house in underwear >.>

Nomine Nephilim

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Hey June Brides

No no, Feles isn’t getting married again. She is still blissfully wedded to her Friendly Cat Man. Just showing off one of the limited edition Ariel wedding gowns from Nomine, this one in oleander.


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jailbait 1

The lil vampire has been busy lately with a faction war. War means everyone’s attention is diverted. Even her cat man. But she’s ever selfless and patient, as only a former demoness of greed can be.

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There’s a brewing trend in the RP sim: girls using a belly dance animation in place of the typing anim. For no good reason it’s annoying the crap outta me, to the point I want to send vampire Feles on a killing spree.

Since violence isn’t the answer — well, actually, it usually is, anyway — I came up with a new plan. Random fapping.

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