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Zodiac – Aries


A quick post because I forgot to hit publish.

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Couples Only


If you don’t get it then you kids stay outta my yard!

Credits after the cut.

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Ely is off on a great adventure, which will include a visit to see me *squees!* so I figured I should take care of her place in-world while she’s away.


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Look of the day with the new Belleza skin and Elymode high-waist skirt. Credits after the cut.

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Lost With No Tiara


Only recently having joined the Pack in CoLA, Feles already has a lil problem. Thanks to a curse she’s lost her wolf. Oh sure, she blames Sam at first, incorrectly believing her wolf ran off to be Sam’s wolf in a turning gone wrong.

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Odds and Ends

Summer break is ending and I’m feeling inspired to switch things up. While I sort out the direction I want to take the blog I’ll share some random things I love.

Belleza Betty

PS, the Elymode Jennifer skirt has been released in many amazing colors. This black one, and even more colors, are coming out soon.

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Still playing catch up for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color, and this time it’s aquamarine with Elymode’s new mesh release.

elymode jennifer

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I wanted to dress like an old appliance for my catch-up color challenge. Instead I grabbed a SLuicide Girl’s group gift (available at Elymode), mesh hair from Ploom and a lovely new skin from Leafy, coming out this weekend.


Full credits after the cut.

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jailbait 1

The lil vampire has been busy lately with a faction war. War means everyone’s attention is diverted. Even her cat man. But she’s ever selfless and patient, as only a former demoness of greed can be.

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Color Challenge Quickie

color challenge - alice blue

Alice Blue

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