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Zodiac – Aries


A quick post because I forgot to hit publish.

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Let’s take a moment to honor the many fine designers who ensure we’ll never have to manually match our bits ever again. I would never try to ‘splain to someone how life altering it is to not have to tint my cartoon’s body parts. Those of us who get it get it.

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What Boys Want


Pixel, flesh, mesh or plastic, it doesn’t matter. Boys are suckers for a great rack.

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I had the start of an interesting conversation, about plausibility in free-form role play. In question? The likelihood of a bullet setting off an alcohol-soaked floor in a fiery blaze.


My answer? Who cares. When one of the parties is a demonvampirelycan and the other has wings sprouting out of his back, well, willing suspension of disbelief has to come into play.

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Speed, Distance & Accuracy


So a wolf and a faeling were jerking off by the old porn theater …

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5, 6, 70

Later this month I celebrate my sixth rez day. And just in time I hit CCS level 70. Once upon a time level 70 meant god-like, one-shot-kill terror for those role playing in the City of Lost Angels.


These days? Not so much.

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Ely is off on a great adventure, which will include a visit to see me *squees!* so I figured I should take care of her place in-world while she’s away.


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Look of the day with the new Belleza skin and Elymode high-waist skirt. Credits after the cut.

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Odds and Ends

Summer break is ending and I’m feeling inspired to switch things up. While I sort out the direction I want to take the blog I’ll share some random things I love.

Belleza Betty

PS, the Elymode Jennifer skirt has been released in many amazing colors. This black one, and even more colors, are coming out soon.

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