Cuckoo for …

Nose pressed to the window, excited breath fogging the glass, ears alert to jingling sounds. It’s time. ‘Tis the season of the slutty santa wear.


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Show Them to Me

I’ll fess up, my very first av had 100 on the boob slider. Yet I never really got into the prim boobs, oh I tried, but the look was too cartoon.

Wait, what is that, you say? You worried your ‘toon looked too ‘toonish? Yeah.

PXL’s release of skin appliers was enough of a reason for me to try out the Lolas Tango mesh implants. If only I could get the same applier for my prim feet.

Check out the look behind the cut.

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Ely is off on a great adventure, which will include a visit to see me *squees!* so I figured I should take care of her place in-world while she’s away.


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Scooping Up the Field Mice

My wolf character’s makeover has been slow. If I follow the trends, she’d have to morph into some lycan version of a derp-faced pony-riding murderous little bunny foo foo. I just can’t.


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Sting Like a Bee

I’ve been trying to define fierce for my wolf character. Nothing about her says lycan rage, nor should it considering she spent most of her existence as a demoness who believed she had to con others into seeing her as likeable so she could inspire her chosen sin.


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Look of the day with the new Belleza skin and Elymode high-waist skirt. Credits after the cut.

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Lost With No Tiara


Only recently having joined the Pack in CoLA, Feles already has a lil problem. Thanks to a curse she’s lost her wolf. Oh sure, she blames Sam at first, incorrectly believing her wolf ran off to be Sam’s wolf in a turning gone wrong.

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Here Puppy Puppy

Nomine Hung

The changes continue for Feles in CoLA. She’s joined the Pack, found her wolf with the help of bite mom Phe, became a bite mama herself and even turned her Friendly Cat Man into a very rawr lycan.

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Switch It Up

So I mentioned switching things up. Though not a permanant new direction, I couldn’t resist manning up for the latest Nomine male skin.

Thanks to my Friendly Cat Man lending a shape I was able to do just that.

Only he forgot he did and wondered what dude was at his house in underwear >.>

Nomine Nephilim

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Odds and Ends

Summer break is ending and I’m feeling inspired to switch things up. While I sort out the direction I want to take the blog I’ll share some random things I love.

Belleza Betty

PS, the Elymode Jennifer skirt has been released in many amazing colors. This black one, and even more colors, are coming out soon.

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