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What Boys Want


Pixel, flesh, mesh or plastic, it doesn’t matter. Boys are suckers for a great rack.

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Scooping Up the Field Mice

My wolf character’s makeover has been slow. If I follow the trends, she’d have to morph into some lycan version of a derp-faced pony-riding murderous little bunny foo foo. I just can’t.


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International Fashion Week – Part 1

Taking a break from my usual format to bring you items from International Fashion Week, set for July 15-18, supporting Rely for Life in SL 2010.

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Spend a Night in the Box

As I closed out yet another SL chapter, I spent the evening hiding.

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I’ve Always Loved Munch’s Tits

Yes, this one is NSFW. Not that it shows much skin, but because of content.

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I recently had a conversation with someone about how to decipher my blog.

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Gift of Snug

Tis the season for comfy sweaters, hot drinks and frayed nerves. Funny how a tiny snag can unravel the fabric of what we hold dear.

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Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Feles lets her shopping bags drop to the floor with sigh, well, more of a self-satisfied coo, her natural response to a fruitful afternoon; she then snatches up her new Coach clutch and spins on her leopard heels to again raid the mall.

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merry kitmas

Still semi-grounded, now I find myself adopting kitteh form to hide from a roving band of demon hunters. Nothing but shopping, decorating, and the occasional capture and torture for me.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

I’m a total geek girl and decorate my SL home for the holidays. And despite promises to the contrary, I have been spied running around with random non-denominational holiday-like objects hanging from my mouth. Pics or it never happened? Maybe next blog.

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