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Jolly Spank Nick

Feles is steadily adding converts in CoLA for a season filled with scantily clad merriment to usher in the spanking Santa. Her muddled beliefs haven’t been a hard sell so far, probably because not too many would argue against the benefits of a city filled with short skirts and man cozies. And spanking.


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Special Snowflake

Passing the time awaiting the judgment of the jolly fat man for his spanking list, trying to find a way to stand out.

Special Snowflake

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Cuckoo for …

Nose pressed to the window, excited breath fogging the glass, ears alert to jingling sounds. It’s time. ‘Tis the season of the slutty santa wear.


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And To All A Good Night


Despite wandering the city in the most revealing of her selected holiday attire, Feles never did find Santa.

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Visions of Sugar Plums

If the season truly is about candy and slutwear, Feles achieved holiday nirvana.


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Every Time a Bell Rings a Kitten Dies

FelesĀ is known for getting things wrong. Like believing angels live on buttsecks and cotton candy. And that marriages aren’t real until they’ve been sanctioned by a fat Elvis impersonator.


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Reason for the Season

It’s no secret Feles is having a difficult transition to vampire. Feeding on blood instead of energy is a challenge when every being in the city has speshul blood.

*insert eye roll*


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‘Tis the Season

Having planned out slutty santa’s helper outfits through Twelfth Night, the former demoness hits the city. Only to spend an evening talking about fishing.

Well, poles.


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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Being a frequent captive gets lonely. Going from one locked room to another? Let’s just say my inventory is more organized these days and there has been lots of time for things like decorating for the holidays.

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Holiday Quickie

Feles’ player is stuck inside because it’s storming on the Fourth weekend. What to do? Show a little love for the designers that make my heart go boom. Here is a new number from Haven with Nomine’s 4th Mosaic skin.

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