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Lost in Translation


Admit it. Sometimes what the boys say and what we girls hear falls out of sync. Just maybe we assign meaning where there isn’t. Let me share an example from *coughs* no one in particular.

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Happy Little Trees

With my cat man away there is only so much Meeroo petting and nest watching a girl can do before boredom sets in. Shopping didn’t quite satisfy …

happy little trees 1

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Sparkly Vampires

Meeting someone new is always fun. At first. These days I can predict when things will go south. There are subtle clues. Like a long-lost girlfriend suddenly returning. Or someone else showing up in his partner box.

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Hear no Evil

I’m a big fan of saying what you mean. I don’t want empty promises or pretty lies. Tell me what’s real, even if it isn’t what I want to hear.

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Finding my Flirt

She’s back.¬†After a hiatus, the flirting trouble-making Feles has returned to mock and run. True to form, she totally leads on the boys — sometimes with subtle innuendo.

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Looking Forward

Some people fix the future by rewriting the past. Me? Hit erase, please.

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Quiz Show

You think someone knows you.

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Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve done a 180 when it comes to alts.

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Playing the Fool

What’s that song about everybody plays the fool sometimes?

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A friend who has been a faithful follower of my blog since the beginning asked if I’m getting bored with SL. Maybe? Or more like I’m in transition.

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