I had the start of an interesting conversation, about plausibility in free-form role play. In question? The likelihood of a bullet setting off an alcohol-soaked floor in a fiery blaze.


My answer? Who cares. When one of the parties is a demonvampirelycan and the other has wings sprouting out of his back, well, willing suspension of disbelief has to come into play.

The role play is fantasy, an escape, in a world where pixel people indulge in a second tier of make-believe by having their made-up characters pretend to be other characters. Characters driven more by the availability of quality mesh bits than by robust backstories.

I’d much rather debate the plausibility of the seeminglyunderagedtigerfaepandadoe and let slide the occasional inappropriate explosive device if it furthers a plotline.

Belleza Ava pale skin
Truth Tashia hair
Sn@tch Mesh Velvet Slip Dress
Sigma layered and beige grain bangles
Epic Butterfly Buddies


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