5, 6, 70

Later this month I celebrate my sixth rez day. And just in time I hit CCS level 70. Once upon a time level 70 meant god-like, one-shot-kill terror for those role playing in the City of Lost Angels.


These days? Not so much.

At least I was able to celebrate the accomplishment appropriately. Sam let his adoring demon girl turned wolf beat him down and drag him bound through the city. I think it was the promise of a nurse’s outfit after.

Belleza Kate skin (holiday group gift)
Magika Tomorrow hair
Elymode Spring Green and More Drama eye makeup
Exiled Inc. Keep Calm and Radshot 8 shirt
Connors Jeans R&L
GOS Gator Sport Clogs over SLink rigged mesh feet
Messer Ball-Buster Bat (CCS weapon)
aDORKable 25 Days pose


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