Cuckoo for …

Nose pressed to the window, excited breath fogging the glass, ears alert to jingling sounds. It’s time. ‘Tis the season of the slutty santa wear.


Last year I celebrated with traditional slutty helper garb. This year I am going to expand my horizons and look for less literal takes on the classics. Where possible with the bonus of boobs.

How else would I have Feles honor the coming of the  jolly fat man who spanks all the good girls?

Elymode Nelle sweater dress, now with Tango applier*
Pink Fuel Kumi skin and Tango applier
Lolas Tango mesh breasts
Decoy Lea Pumps
Earthstones Neisha necklace
Lamb The Big Doll House hair
Mandala long HUD nails
Rozoregalia Rosenkavalier ring

Exposeur Hotties pose
Sway’s Pendulum Clock from The Arcade
MMGraffiti’s paper boxes

*Note: If you’ve already purchased the Elymode Nelle dress and want a version with the Tango applier included, just stop by the redelivery terminal at Ely’s store.


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