Sting Like a Bee

I’ve been trying to define fierce for my wolf character. Nothing about her says lycan rage, nor should it considering she spent most of her existence as a demoness who believed she had to con others into seeing her as likeable so she could inspire her chosen sin.


She’s adoptive mama to about every wayward creature that would sit still long enough, though maternal is measured on the margins. She’ll jump in a fight if it’s in her best interest, if she gets brownie points for the effort. And the degree to which she’ll defend her territory varies greatly with who’s encroaching and who will notice.

I’ve always played her as a healer, never a fighter, and will have to find a way to write her evolution into something that hunts for more than shoes.

PXL Kate Butterfly (Halloween Gacha)
Elikatira Figure hair
Nomine Mesh Hoodie – Great White and Mesh Damask Skirt – Amethyst Layering Tank V
Scrub Spyked Multicolor nails
GField Gina boots
MG Barcelona earrings


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