Lost With No Tiara


Only recently having joined the Pack in CoLA, Feles already has a lil problem. Thanks to a curse she’s lost her wolf. Oh sure, she blames Sam at first, incorrectly believing her wolf ran off to be Sam’s wolf in a turning gone wrong.

After giving away her kill on the Blue Moon — ok, kill is a strong word, Feles doesn’t even have the drive to hunt, instead some chick picked a fight and Feles got annoyed and beat the girl down — she’s finally realized something is wrong.

Some of her Packmates seem to be off as well. Packmates who got gifts from fairies. A crown. A bracelet. Yet she got nothing.

Sam tries to enlist the help of his tooth fairy brother Ru. Feles tries to find out why she didn’t get gifts. In the end, Ru distracts Feles with the gift of harmless jewelry while cursing Sam.

The moral of the story? Sam should have given Feles a tiara when Roa got one and everything would have been fine. Except for those cursed.

Until next time …

League Isla skin
Elymode Alato and Alato Duo makeup and Sitari outfit (for Zodiac)
Truth Aurora hair
Scrub Spyked multicolor nails
Garden of Ku Hathor tattoo


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