jailbait 1

The lil vampire has been busy lately with a faction war. War means everyone’s attention is diverted. Even her cat man. But she’s ever selfless and patient, as only a former demoness of greed can be.

 jailbait 2

She can handle losing the war for the beloved pink Wellies, so far. But the battle for attention, she’s not giving in easily.

jailbait 3

Like any strategic warrior, she’s stocking up on ammo to be as distracting as possible for the stolen moments away from the front line.

Nomine Jailbait dresses: Nie en Bloc green, Jeune Fille black and white blouse (and rose headband)
Gos Triumph boots
Elymode Evolu socks in green and red
Truth Felecia mesh hair
Frooti, HopScotch and aDORKable poses all from Festival of Sin


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