Glutton for …

In the interest of equal time I’ll admit that while boys are dumb, trust me, I have proof, we girls are not 100 percent perfect all of the time. The boys I’ve known in SL might, just might characterize me as difficult to handle.

FOS cupcake

In my mind I want one simple thing: someone who can role play not being an asshat for a couple of hours a day. The reality is more like this.

Whatcha doin’? Where you goin’? How do I look? Should I change? This hair or this? Am I pretty? Do you love me?

Yet for some reason I got one to stick around.

Available at Festival of Sin opening today:
Schadenfreude Pink Cupcake Gluttony lingerie
Essences Serena skin with pale lipstick and cleavage added
Cheeky Pea Charlie Chaise


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