Lost in Translation


Admit it. Sometimes what the boys say and what we girls hear falls out of sync. Just maybe we assign meaning where there isn’t. Let me share an example from *coughs* no one in particular.

What he says.  Sure.

What goes through the girl filter.  Wait, was that sure, like excited, happy, of course I want to, baby, that sounds like fun? Or was it um, sure, whatever, I’ll be watching the match anyway? Or maybe he meant sure, that’s a stupid idea and I don’t want to but you won’t shut up otherwise, will you?

What she tells her best friend.  I think he’s alting.

Then sometimes the conversational re-engineering works to our advantage.

What he says.  Did you get this group gift? I’ll rez it if you want and you can move it somewhere.

What she hears.  I thought of you when I saw this romantic Valentine’s gift from one of your favorite stores, it reminded me of how much you mean to me. Let’s set it up at our home so we can start celebrating Valentine’s Month.

What she says.  Awwwww, you’re the best hubby evah! Wanna bend me over something?

What he says.  Sure.

Cold Logic Hache top
Elymode Simply Sheer Shorties (black and white layered)
Miel Varsity Kicks
Curio Airhead skin
Point B Sapphire hair
What Next PS I Love You Mailbox (pose is a random one I mangled using Animare)
Artilleri Flamingoes


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