There’s a brewing trend in the RP sim: girls using a belly dance animation in place of the typing anim. For no good reason it’s annoying the crap outta me, to the point I want to send vampire Feles on a killing spree.

Since violence isn’t the answer — well, actually, it usually is, anyway — I came up with a new plan. Random fapping.

That’s right, tonight will debut Feles’ extra special typing animation. Kneeling to masterbate. Which will happen every time the player types. I can be long-winded, so the self-sexing could carry on for three to five minutes a go.

I’ll update you in the next blog — which likely will feature the best stomped-in face tattoos.

Nomine Panda skin
Panda Express Panda Bits
W&Y 166 hair
Elymode Facil bandeau and skirt
Gos 8-Hole Docs
Diesel Works Polywall


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