Visions of Sugar Plums

If the season truly is about candy and slutwear, Feles achieved holiday nirvana.


While hanging out near the church to watch what she hoped would turn into a brawl, what to her wondering eyes should appear … an elf. She just *knew* his blood would taste of peppermint so she makes full advantage of her stingily cut dress and convinces Santa’s magical sidekick to let her snack.

Feles is headed back to the city — she heard Santa’s in town and with the good word the elf said he’d put in for her she’s sure to end up over the jolly man’s knee.

Wasabi Pills Brrree mesh hair w/ scarf
Paradisis Merry Xmas outfit
Elymode Valentine limited bandeau
VioMagic Get Warm shoes
Moondance Winter Snow round long nails
Xinxan Designs snowman
Diesel Works Shyla pose


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