Every Time a Bell Rings a Kitten Dies

Feles is known for getting things wrong. Like believing angels live on buttsecks and cotton candy. And that marriages aren’t real until they’ve been sanctioned by a fat Elvis impersonator.


True to form her take on the reason for the season is a bit … off. She spent an evening in the city chatting with a random group, including some of her new family, helping them understand how to observe the tradition she holds sacred, the wearing of the slutty santa outfits.

Feles Seitan happily explains her own madness to [lovely fae]; the former demoness’ mind was a jumble of decades of experiences and early human half-rememberances. So she presents her view on the holidays. “It’s a special time of year, when we eat candy and wear our trampiest red and green outfits. And I get to give my naughty list to Sam and he’ll bend me over his lap.”

She’s already lined up a few converts, even getting one aspirant to strip down to nothing but a little stolen garland. It was not hazing, pinky swear.

Deviance Santa’s Sexy Helper and Holiday Boots*
Mandala Milky Way red jewelry
Curio Pout skin with Ice Queen lips added
Elymode Autumn eye makeup in green/red
Miamai XGen Basic tattoo lashes
Exile Valerie hair
Exposeur Feles pose from the Hotties set


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