Reason for the Season

It’s no secret Feles is having a difficult transition to vampire. Feeding on blood instead of energy is a challenge when every being in the city has speshul blood.

*insert eye roll*


Like yesterday, she hit a guy a little too hard, so decided to make snack of him while he was down. Turns out this fallen angel’s blood was like a hit of acid. She let the feather butt live, in fact, she was feeling charitable and even played matchmaker when another angel fell from the sky. OK, actually she toppled from the nearby traffic light.

Don’t know it worked out. Feles was busy sitting on Santa Sam’s lap.

Rebel Hope Santa Sweetie outfit and earrings
Deviance Holiday Boots*
elikatira Again 2 hair
Curio Pout Whine skin
Elymode More Drama eye makeup in green
Miamai XGen Basic tattoo lashes
Status Brick pose

*Editor’s note: the holiday boots have invisi prims but are mod, so problem solved! Wear the alpha layer from another pair of boots (the SLink Quinn boot alpha worked well) and change the transparency on the invisi prims to 100 percent.


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