‘Tis the Season

Having planned out slutty santa’s helper outfits through Twelfth Night, the former demoness hits the city. Only to spend an evening talking about fishing.

Well, poles.


Sam was home resting with the new baby (editor’s note: oh yeah, I forgot to post about that), anyway, so Feles got to hang out with Sam’s adorable BFF and one of the officers who was only too happy to help set up the innocent BFF, who never seems to get the double entrendre.

Here’s a taste of how the night went:

Feles starts making a sound that is dangerously close to giggling, having to fight back snortlaughter. “You and Sam are gonna go off and play with your poles.” It fit the conversation, not that she was fixated. They started it with the dressing left stuff. She turns to Dignified Faction Officer, trying to keep a straight face but failing. “Oh, are you gonna play with their poles, too, Ancien?”

Dignified Faction Officer grins ‘Naw, just my own pole.’

Sam’s Adorable BFF cocks his head, wondering what Feles finds so humorous. He nods. “Well yeah. You have to dangle your pole over the water and the fish get scared and jump into your nets to save themselves.” The he grins at DFO. “You have a pole too?

Dignified Faction Officer nods ‘Of course I have a pole. Doesn’t every guy have a pole? True, they vary in size and all that. Some wouldn’t even count as poles.’

Feles fights back another fit of snickering hearing DFO, but no, BFF would set her over the edge. Doubling over and laughing like mad, she tries to ask BFF, “What about ice fishing?”

Dignified Faction Officer: ‘for that… you need to put a sock over you pole or it freezes and might break’

Sam’s Adorable BFF blinks at DFO, furrowing his brows in slight confusion. “Most of the poles I’ve seen have been long and skinny. And bendy. They have to be bendy.” truly, he has no clue about the innuendo. No one’s ever called his dong a pole. “Every guy has a pole?” Then he looks at Feles, utterly confused as to why she’s dying laughing. “Well.. you build a small house over the ice and you burrow a hole in the ice and you sit and dangle your pole over the hole.”

Feles starts shaking, probably reddening and unable to hold back her laughter. “But but but I heard poles can shrink up when they get too cold. How do you reach the fish that way?”

Dignified Faction Officer snorts and nods hearing BFF ‘And this small house over the ice where you dangle your pole over the hole, allows you to play with your pole in complete privacy’

Sam’s Adorable BFF furrows his brow. “Mine doesn’t shrink. I’ve never heard that cold can make your pole shrink. Mine’s hard wood. Maybe that’s why it’s never shrunk before.” Then he nods at DFO. “That’s right. You can be all by yourself and dangle your pole till your heart’s content.”

Feles was laughing so hard it hurt by now, but she tries to keep up with the conversation. “But [BFF], I thought you and Sam were gonna dangle your poles together? Do you put them in the same hole?”

Dignified Faction Officer: ‘It really can blow when your playing with your pole as it dangles over the hole in the small house and someone knocks on your door. Then you have to put your pole down, thus leaving it exposed to the elements’

Sam’s Adorable BFF nods at Feles, still perplexed by the hilarity of fishing. “Sam is more than welcome to use my hole whenever he wants.” He nods. Really he’d do anything for his bondbrother. Then he nods at DFO. “Absolutely. You can lose your pole that way. It just gets sucked into the hole and then you’re left all alone and poleless.”

Feles almost cries, laughing at the using BFF’s hole comment. And not able to believe BFF isn’t getting it by now. In case he is, when she hears about the poles getting sucked into the hole she gasps. “Poleless! I mean, I almost broke Sam’s pole once, well not really, he was pretending so I’d fix it, but I don’t want him poleless!”

From there the conversation turned to spears.

Apple May Designs Holiday dress in red with Mittens on a String in Festive
Sn@tch Opaque Stockings in Jade
SLink Marina red boots
Sakura’s Originals CandyCane Nom
MoonDance Xmas Baubles nails
elikatira Fight blonde 07 hair
Curio Pout Spoiled Rotten skin
elymode A Little Drama eye shadow in green/gold and Let It Snow pose with snow emitter


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