Many a late night Ely and I would have the same conversation. It usually went something like this …

Feles Seitan: Ely, is is too much to ask to find one guy here who is not a total asshat?
Elysium Eilde: no its not too much to ask
Elysium Eilde: well, i didn’t say you will get it
Elysium Eilde: but you can ask

What I said consistently was I wanted was someone to end the night with. Well, maybe some other stuff made the list but we’ll leave that between me and Ely.

There’s nothing like getting what you’ve always asked for and figuring out it truly was exactly what you wanted.

Sn@tch Shiki Dress black
Elymode long simple skirt and makeup – bold rose & plum
Truth Neve Streaked – ivory
Mandala female medium nails
Earthstones Mara Hoops
MB Style Tears of the gods
Sauce nacho cheese basic lashes
Glam Affair Amelie skin Contessa from the Dressing Room
Poetic classic falling angel bright eyes
EverGlow model pose
Set with inSight Designs Coastal Dark wall textures 


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