Having long ago cracked the code, I decided it was time to see if the lil demoness could blend in amongst the angels.


Armed with blue botton candy, my personal fave and what I just know the angels live on, I set out to find a look sweet enough to let me walk through the church doors without getting outed by those anti-fun devices I keep hearing about.

Sadly I fail. Even in pink and carrying the preferredĀ treat I don’t seem to fit in.


I hearĀ the angels live on something else, but you’ll have to meet me behind the church to find out what that is.

The Secret Store Ribbon Tank pink polka
Elate! Alex skirt
Maitreya Moxie brown shoes w/over-knee socks
Pixel Mode pearls (group gift)
LAQ Linnea skin
Elymode E’s Mix pink & plurple shadow w/liner
Poetic Falling Angel eyes
Mandala Female nail palette 1 medium
Truth Lacey honey hair


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