Going Once …

Despite my fears, I did sell for more than $50L in the Treve OOC auction. In fact I fetched … erm … does the math … fails … let’s call it lots more.

I got half of that amount, which I’m not announcing because I don’t wanna brag. OK that sort of is bragging.

Anyway, I took my cut and promptly spent a large chunk at Fashion for Life and the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser preview.

Now I’m trying to buy an overfiend in another event to raise funds for a worthy cause with my remaining auction profit but sadly have been repeatedly outbid.

That’s alright, see he still owes me one more day of slavery from a bet I won — without cheating *coughs*.


FFL – Solange Focus Jacket and Mini (pic 1), INDI Lilly outfit (pic 2)

PCF – ID Hope eyes, Cynful leather top (pic 3)

Other stuff – Belleza Melissa deep tan skin, Truth Billie Jo espresso hair, PM Jori nails, Gos Burlesque boots, Aluinn Journey jewelry, Amper Ka-Pow lashes, WOE Olivia thong, S@bbia Ribbon Straw bag. Exposeur poses and Elymode background textures.


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