Sparkly Vampires

Meeting someone new is always fun. At first. These days I can predict when things will go south. There are subtle clues. Like a long-lost girlfriend suddenly returning. Or someone else showing up in his partner box.

I may have mentioned in my previous post that hope isn’t something I have these days. My heart isn’t in dating here anymore, it’s stopped being fun. If it ever was. For my loyal followers (I ā¤ the three of you), I’ll be remaking this blog. Or not. For now I’ll focus on my other project, the SLuicide Girls, where I post as Jilli. Catch my entirely made up, phony adventures there. I’d rather talk about stuff I don’t actually have to experience while I decide what to do here.

Credits: Belleza Erika tan 1, Tuli eyeliner 4, Sn@tch Pleasure Wrapped teal top, Zaara Trishna aqua skirt, Pixelfashion Babsy cinnamon clogs, Marie moody brown hair, Poetic Star earth eyes, Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Fresh. Exposeur poses and Kidd Creation wood bridge. Jewelry no longer available.


6 responses to “Sparkly Vampires

  • Mykal Sonic

    How dare you remake this blog and make me go read a different one I can’t get from work? How dare you, I ask?! My righteous indignation knows no bounds!!

    Well, that and I’ll be patiently waiting for whatever you do here. I may not show up much, but I do like reading about the haphazard adventures of unalienable asshats, and how little they actually know they’re being poked fun at.

    Or are these ALL ABOUT ME?!?! šŸ˜€

  • Don Mill

    When it comes to dating in SL I am the eternal optimist. Although I have learned that exclusive relationships are very difficult to keep and may not be achievable in the long run, I do believe in spending time with that special someone.

    I hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy the search as much as the actual finding.

  • felesseitan

    hahaha Myk, whatever I do here I’m sure you’ll have something to say. About you, why of course šŸ˜›

    And Don, yeah, I don’t buy that exclusive relationships are difficult in SL, I mean they are for people who don’t want them or are incapable of of them. I think that is an excuse people use. In RP, absolutely, limits kill role play. In SL generally, nah, it’s just bad behavior šŸ˜€

  • Mykal Sonic

    The math is elusive, but I’ll let you in on the secret.

    % Likelihood of Exclusivity in SL = |RL Monogamous Couples – (Social Acceptance of Divorice + Human Stupidity)| * Television Popularizing Cheating * 100%

    Thank goodness for that absolute value stuff, or we’d have two negatives multiplying out to a positive. I find that this equation comes to around -577%.

    Seems reasonable. Or maybe my math is off. Nah, reasonable in SL…

  • felesseitan

    *thinks if my char can sprout a tail and wings someone can pretend to be faithful for an hour or two a day, at least on one of his alts* šŸ˜›

    Be gone with your math or I’ll toss girl logic at you!

  • Coral Gausman

    I wonder if you wouldn’t be totally bored with someone who actually can pretend to be faithful for an hour or two a day.

    cg <- your fan #3

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