I’ve Been Cheating on You

I took a short break to set up for another project, the SLuicide Girls. I’m flattered to have been asked to join this amazing, and hawt, group of bloggers and of course could not say no.

On that note I want to break from my usual storytelling format to share the difference between the two blogs. This one, the one you read now, covers a generalized account of Feles’ in-world adventures. Jilli Bean on SLuicide Girls is the alter ego. That stuff she talks about? Not even remotely real.

So thank you random boys who have contacted Feles in world thinking she’s sitting around waiting for you wearing only prim feet and a pink poseball hoisted up her sculpted vag. Give Jilli a ring. She’s noobed out, never online. And oh, guess what? She’s not gonna give you pixel tail either.


Pic 1 includes Curio Ice Queen charcoal 2 skin, UH Frozen eyes, Candy Nail Hana Red, Shack red Jolie silks, SiSSi lashes, Exile Breeze sahara hair.

Pic 2 changes to Kouse’s Sanctum Melody gown, Tuli Emma tan sweetheart skin, Nomine tattoo eyeliner, Truth Miranda treacle hair, Alien Bear Dark Queen Rosie earrings and necklace, Poetic Star Mercury eyes, Spirit Store Style white gloves.

Pic 3 changes to Nomine Lilla Fairy outfit, skin, eyes and ears with Material Squirrel wings, fri.day Yelena 2 hair.

Poses by Exposeur and LAP.


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