Color Fail

Feles has been way too busy, breaking briefly from being a demoness to being something wholly different. And captured. A lot more than she wants to be *cough*.

Finally free, she was able to sneak in a few photos for the color challenge. Better late than never.

Sadly for Feles, she is sort of grounded, stuck behind city gates. Which for those of you who follow her adventures will know won’t set well. Or last long.


Goldenrod: SE Designz Longsleeve black shirt, TokiD yello scarf, Belleza Erika tan group gift skin, Artilleri Elspeth cardigan plain yellow, Jane Kiki skirt golden, Poetic Star Earth eyes, Tiny Bird Blondes Pack hairbase, Candy Nail Wildcat Black, LE.LOOK la femme leggings (old gift), Tesla Klacks black, Miatreya Taryn II almond hair, SiSSi Lashes 01.

Plum changes to: Miseria Delirium fog jeans, Elymode Leafy Cardi lilac, Truth Tanks10 grass, Decoy Lydia plum boots, Last Call Gabrielle Beater, Maitreya Evi Scarf and Voluminous Scarf, Candy Nail Gacha Toy Nails 07 purple.

Sepia changes to: BOOM Righteous Muff in sepia, WOE Nomi Jean dress mud, Bax Prestige Brown Suede boots, Indi Riley sepia striped shirt, Linc Wool Panty brown, Maitreya Green II almond hair.

All pics use Click French Bakery and Exposeur poses.

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