Finding my Flirt

She’s back. After a hiatus, the flirting trouble-making Feles has returned to mock and run. True to form, she totally leads on the boys — sometimes with subtle innuendo.

When they won’t take no for an answer, she finds creative ways to fend off the unwanted advances.

Whatever she does, hopefully it will turn out fun for everyone. Or at least for her.

Pic 1 includes Dernier Cri Taylor hair brown, Skin Deep Natural French Manicure, Curio June Doe 1 acorn skin, Tuli Creature Eyes green, Ducknipple Viking brown skirt and Envy Neko necklace, Miseria Ash Cardigan umber, Evie’s Closet Ariel anklet, Blacklisted I Might 2.0 shirt, Material Squirrel Diabolical Demon Wings, Titanias Faun 2.0 female black hooves. LAP pose.
Pic 2 changes to Ho Wear Indulgence outfit, Boon TOM 245 hair black, Tiny Bird blacks hair base, Sigma Shandal earrings, Sinful Needs fangs. Snooky karaoke pose.

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