I Used to Be Naughty

Back in 2007 for, oh, about a week, I dreamed of being a supermodel.

While the ex SLhubs was working at the strip club, I would head for Naughty, the laggiest place I knew, to practice my Maitreya poses and walks, playing them in world because I wasn’t smart enough to load a hud.

Influence hair was the place to see and be seen, especially if you wanted some hulk-shaped noob to ask you to “make the sex,”  or if you wanted to stand with 48 alts waiting for hair demos to rez. These days I think they all go to Truth.

If you visit Naughty Island today your biggest challenge will be navigating the helpful 2008 map of stores that have long since relocated or no longer exist.

This trip down memory lane comes to you from a Naughty blog challenge.


Pic 1 includes Naughty Maya II hair, Alina Vintage Smoky Eyes skin and Bouquet lingerie in red.

Pic 2 changes to Naughty Draped Neck Cozy Knit in natural and Classic Slim Fit Low Rise Denim acid wash; Coco Shirt Tied Around Waist in dots dark blue, Shiny Things tied clogs, ByKay basic prim nails. Maitreya Runway Pose 18.

Pic 3 changes to Naughty Flirt hair, Nettys Baby Doll and Sanskrit bracelet; Elymode Joell black shrug and pants, Sissi Pebble necklace, Sigma Shandal earrings, Gos Burlesque boots, Exposeur pose and bag props.


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