Sn@tching Up Elymode

Great news, Elymode is opening a satellite store near Sn@tch. I’m excited because I can’t resist making veiled lewd references to avtwat.

The first elysn@tchmash is perfect for running out the door with a weekender bag to a rendezvous with a hot lycan stashed on another sim.

Number two is a bolder look that simply screams, “Yeah, I hit on him in front of you. So?” Hey at these prices get them for your alts, too.


Pic 1 includes Elymode Joell top in brown/black and brown shrug, Sn@tch Classic Punk Pants in taupe plaid, redQueen Noise hair in soil with beret, Nomine Viscera Stained skin in fawn, JD Design Swirl jewelry, Tesla Kensington bronze boots, Candy Nail basic prim nails in brown 09 and LeLutka Cadmio bag in smoke topaz (group gift).

Pic 2 changes to Elymode Joell black shrug, Joell black shrug and Simply Sheer black tank, Sn@tch Starchild black halter, [e] Fresh black hair, Nomine Viscera havok skin in bronze, ByKay Vamp lashes plus Stellar Flashy Eyelash face tattoo, JD Design Dice jewelry and black stud nails, Deco messenger bag, Tesla Kensington black boots.

Poses by Diesel Works, the new Odyssey set. Snark by Feles.


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