Sunday Morning Casual

Shopping did help me feel better. I was inspired by the garage sale theme of Project Themeory to … OK who am I kidding, I simply love shopping.

The shopping excursion gave me an idea for another fair. I want a casual fair. Nothing faux couture. Nothing wearable only on a pose stand with arms just so and my butt slider set to nil. Nothing but stuff that works for running around the grid. Who’s in?


Pic 1 includes AMD Jessica deep tan pink lush skin, Sn@tch Classic Punk Pants in black plaid, Linc Tankdress in black as shirt, Last Call Gabrielle white Beater, JP:dsg Angelina hair in chestnut and Chelsea sneakers (group gift), Candy Nail Army Black nails, Reek Papercut Cardigan in Fall, and Ohlala Black Dragon handbag.

Pic 2 changes to Adam n Eve Bianca tone 3 natural skin with painted on lashes layer, JP:dsg Sally group gift hair, Sn@tch Shiki Dress in black, Miel Mo Pocket Pants in coal, G-Field Bow Strap Kate shoes in gray, ByKay Noelle necklace and Deco messenger bag (group gift).

All use Exposeur poses.

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