Man I Feel Like a Woman

Needing a break from dressing like Salvatore, I started rummaging through folders to see what would make me feel like a girl again. While I’ve enjoyed diving into his closet, I think my role play family is ready for me to get back to my old self.

I think I look pretty cute all butch. Sal, on the other hand, might want to rethink his look. Just sayin’.

Wear Gray items: Dreams Haleigh’s dress and Dark Mouse Swirls of Pearls bracelets and earrings (pic 1), and Khush Norah skull top and Dark Mouse Fae jewelry set (pic 2).

Other stuffs: (pic 1) Dernier Cri Maddy Stumblebum hair, Nomine Viscera coil latte skin, Candy Nail jelly purple nails and (pic 2) TL Daisy Darling charcoal hair for Hair Fair, Nomine Viscera alejandro bronze skin, Elymode long simple black skirt, Candy Nail basic prim nails in red 04, SiSSi lashes. !Bang poses for both.


One response to “Man I Feel Like a Woman

  • Salvatore Otoro

    I think we’ve given each other and the rest of the city plenty of laughs to last for a while, and my look proves I have the legs for it. 😀

    Even though we’ve both had lots of fun with this swap, I hope you know that I’m the first one that can’t wait to see you back in your own clothes.

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