Wearin’ O the Gray

Those who know me in gray kitty form know the demonic kitten who tortures. And gets licked and nuzzled by lost neon spider demons and stray polarwerebears, but that’s another blog.  Today I’m the friendlier fashionista kitteh featuring items that give at least 50 percent back to Wear Gray.

Izzie’s black and white outfit, A-Bomb shoes and What Next bistro set help me show off my softer side. And all are 100 percent donation items.

I couldn’t possibly poison anyone while wearing Magoa’s Sanura dress and SiSSi’s pearls, also Wear Gray donation items.

Rezlpsa Loc hair, Patchwork’s babydoll and Sigma bracelet, all donation items, say come play with me, wolfie, I won’t bite.

And Elymode’s Leafy set, with half proceeds going to Wear Gray, says I could never carve a pentagram in your forehead with my claw *cough*. (See Ely’s 100 percent donation item here.)

Editor’s note: I do not condone the carving of pentagrams in foreheads, unless the victim shoots you in the ass across sim borders and flees like a girl. Then it’s on.


Pic 1 includes Izzie’s Wear black/white outfit for Wear Gray, A-Bomb Unisex deck shoes in zebra for Wear Gray, SiSSi lashes 01, Poetic Cat Eyes lavender sky, Truth Lourdes night hair, redQueen Crave skin, Sinful Needs Beast ears and tail.

Pic 2 changes to Magoa Sanura Dress for Wear Gray and Sissi Loose Pearls short Wear Gray special.

Pic 3 changes to Rezlpsa Loc Anna Wears Gray hair for Wear Gray, Patchwork Denim Patchwork Nights babydoll for Wear Gray, Sigma Shandal bracelets for Wear Gray, Candy Nail Hana Red.

Pic 4 changes to Elymode‘s Leafy Set for Wear Gray.

Set uses what next Wear Gray Artisan Bistro set and poses from Exposeur.

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